Guiding Principles

National Haunters Association has three guiding principles that we will apply for our membership.

1) Service Leadership – We will operate in the spirit of service; helping the Haunt community reach its goals and be wildly successful. We will offer the best in class products and services to engage and expand the Haunt industry to be the top choice for all who love Halloween and Haunting

2) Performance Excellence – We strive to be a high performance organization with a culture defined by trust, respect and teamwork. We created an environment that inspires and challenges our community to achieve their personal best every day.

3) Collaborative Partnerships – We will maximize reach and resources by fostering collaborative partnerships with industry leaders. We actively seek opportunities to bring the members of our community together to build relationships, share information and provide support and goodwill across all Haunts.

4) Resultant Excellence – We try to bring our members all the tools and knowledge they can utilize to help them produce sets, make-up, performances, concepts and haunts of the highest level to elicit that combined “joyful fear” from all our visitors and drive them to return weekend after weekend and season after season.