Actor Blueprint

The Haunt Actor Blueprint was created by Chuck Mound of Haunt Hunters App to allow Haunt Actors to Grade themselves after each Haunt Performance. The Blueprint allows you to Assess each aspect of your Acting to evaluate where you are as a Haunter now and where you want to be. The National Haunters Association provides a Testing & Evaluation for Members that will provide specific performance feedback. There are 10 Performance Aspects that are part of the Haunt Actor Blueprint. Jim Werner of Pennhurst Asylum contributed to the Main 3 Areas of Haunting, this includes Stage, Scare and Sell. Each provides an in depth analysis for Haunters to improve their current performance levels.

To Begin, Grade yourself in each of the 10 Aspects of Haunting on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. This will allow you to see where you think you are now. Ideally, you will be Evaluated by one of the Certified Haunt Hunters to provide specific feedback.